John A. Hauser Mental Health in Aviation Initiative Fund 

John A. Hauser
July 9, 2002 – October 18, 2021

John Alan Hauser of Chicago passed away on October 18, 2021 after 19 years of a joy- and love-filled life. He was active in basketball, baseball, and piano early in his life and made the honor roll at Northside College Prep High School in Chicago. John developed a passion for rowing and joined the Chicago Rowing Foundation team, where he made many close friends. After graduating from high school, he pursued his second passion, a love of flying, by majoring in commercial aviation at the University of North Dakota, where he also enjoyed the camaraderie of his Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers.
John lived with integrity and was fearless in speaking out about what mattered to him. He made friends easily and then was steadfastly loyal to them, demonstrating his love through actions as well as words. Hard work came naturally to him at a young age, and neighbors will recall the early morning rhythmic scraping of his snow shovel moving slowly up and down the block. Later, he moved on to jobs such as umpiring, delivering food, scooping ice cream, and finally working as a health aid. In between school, work and flying, he found time to enjoy long road trips with his friends or family to National Parks.
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Shortly after John’s death, his family established the John A. Hauser Mental Health in Aviation Initiative Fund, which provides steady support for these efforts far into the future and increases the capacity to affect change. The University of North Dakota is committed to using gifts made to the John A. Hauser Mental health in Aviation Initiative Fund to support mental health in aviation. 
This endowment will focus on advocacy, awareness, support and events to help aviation students in the following ways: 
• Walking them through options and career guidance concerning mental health.
• Identifying causes of stress associated with acquiring a degree in aviation and facilitating the minimization of these stressors.
• Creating mechanisms that address student concerns about coming forward with mental health conditions.
• Hosting speakers who have worked through mental health obstacles during their aviation career. 
These efforts will not only support UND students but will also help establish a national model for best practices regarding mental health in aviation that other flight training organizations can look to for guidance and program implementation.

Please commemorate John and support the mental health of aviation students at UND and across the nation. Your gift today will impact future aviators in immeasurable ways.

With a minimum $5,000 gift, you may benefit from both a federal tax deduction AND a North Dakota income tax credit equal to 40% of the charitable gift, thereby significantly reducing the net cost of giving. Ask your tax advisor for more information. 

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