The UND Open Door Scholarship provides financial assistance to help students experiencing a financial hardship that prevents them from finishing their academic degree.

Who qualifies for UND Open Door Scholarship?

  • Students enrolled in the current semester at UND in undergraduate, graduate or professional programs.
  • Students making satisfactory progress in their respective academic program.
  • Students in good academic standing and not on conduct probation.

We want our students to come out on top and complete their education here, at their UND home. Help make this possible – open the door for students by giving today.

I was removed from my parents at the age of 15. My 2 brothers and I were lucky enough to move in with our aunt and uncle and the placement became permanent. They have three children of their own, two of which are in college. After grants and loans, the remaining balance is $1500 per semester. -UND Open Door Recipient

During the first year of my graduate program, my father was diagnosed with diabetes. Our health insurance does not cover much of his medication which has been a financial hardship for my parents. They are no longer able to help me with buying books, rent, and daily living as much as they could before. This program has required much of my time making it nearly impossible to work and go to school without the fear of failing out. In undergrad, I was not able to have much finical assistance making my student loans much larger which will also be a future barrier. This scholarship would minimize some of this year’s cost to lessen the financial burden when graduating. -UND Open Door Recipient

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